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Making good things

THE DALLI CARDILLO GROUP is the evolution of a good and sound family story that started in 1986 in Agrigento - in the famous Valley of the Temples - when the Dalli Cardillo brothers established the La Trinacria Dalli Cardillo dairy, a modest business that would grow, becoming the current giant.

Over time, the LA TRINACRIA DALLI CARDILLO dairy has been implementing new production systems and technologies such as the Tetrapack and Combibloc systems, becoming a joint-stock company and, later, a GROUP that currently includes also SALUMIFICIO VALLE DEI TEMPLI. The result of this evolution is a wide range of products: dairy products, creams, drinks - including almond milk - and cured meats.

New markets have been conquered over time. With an international path that started in few Sicilian places, DALLI CARDILLO has now great performance in all sectors: Horeca, Retail, organized distribution and large-scale distribution in many Countries all over the world, offering also advanced co-packing services that ensure speed and maximum care in all the markets and for each product.

Today, the DALLI CARDILLO GROUP looks at the world 360° in the trade and consumer channels, thanks also to the added value of the HEALTH LINE, which was created for customers who do not want or cannot consume milk, cheese and food preparations of animal origin. Thus, vegans, vegetarians, sportspeople, people intolerant to gluten and/or lactose or people who simply want a "green" diet may count on a range of 100% vegetable origin products.

This is DALLI CARDILLO today: an increasingly marketing-oriented business with a wide international approach, but still faithful to its original mission: "Quality first of all". Always, everywhere and in any case: from Sicily to the world, DALLI CARDILLO offers healthy and good products that are original and with a distinctive taste, with minimum impact on the environment, so that the Earth is always our most precious Reign.

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